Since its founding in 1961, GG+A has consulted with more than 2,000 non-profit organisations globally in five sectors: higher education, independent schools, academic medicine and healthcare, arts and culture, and the wider non-profit sector. We meet clients where they are and partner with them to bring their fundraising and engagement programmes to the next level. Sometimes this is through developing an operating plan for their fundraising, and sometimes this is by writing a Case for Support, or conducting fundraising training with their staff, leadership, or Board members. We conduct campaign planning and feasibility studies, internal programme reviews, and a wide range of customisable projects to fit the needs of each institution. Of our current clients who are engaged in fundraising campaigns, these total a value of over €50 billion, with individual goals ranging from €5 million to more than €6 billion. Whatever your starting goals may be, our focus is always on helping you put the structures in place to ensure sustainable and extraordinary philanthropy.

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