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Objectives [EN]
Help to assess how a charity is moving towards meeting its charitable aims or the aims of a particular project. Objectives are usually expected to be SMAR - Specific, Measurable, Archievable, Realistic and Timed. Prictical steps or activities that are needed to accomplish an organisation's aim.
ONG (Organisation non gouvernementale)
Organisation qui ne relève pas d'un Etat et qui poursuit un but d'intérêt public ou humanitaire (défense des droits de la personne, protection de l'environnement, lutte contre la pauvreté, etc.).
Outcomes [EN]
The wider benefits or changes for intended beneficiaries. Outcomes tend to be less tangible and therefore less countable thant outputs. Outcomes are usually planned and are therefore set out in an organisation. Outcomes are usually planned and are therefore set out in an organisation's objectives. Information for donors and funders should highlight outcomes.
Outputs [EN]
Outputs are countable units, ans are the direct products of programmes or organisation's activities. They could be children immunised, animal relocated, class taught, training courses delivered or worshops attended. In themselves they are not the objectives of the organisation but some reporting appears to be confusing. Thesse with objectives. The outputs are often quantifiable and lend themselves to table and charts.